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Anne Gruz

Anne Gruz

Founder and President

Anne has 25 years of professional experience in trading and in trading technology. After a double engineering degree from the Ecole Polytechnique and from MINES ParisTech, she was a rates trader for 11 years at SocGen, at ING and for the PSA Group. For the next 13 years, Anne led software pre-sales, product and financial engineering Front-office and risk teams at Finastra.
Today, Anne is Founder and President of Iggaak with dual functional and IT expertise and specialization in trading, treasury and risk management. Iggaak are sustainable snow goggles used to reduce light reflection and to improve visual acuity, a reference to her dual Canadian and French culture and to her love for the Far North and for snow.

Anne joined the Green RWA Executive Committee as Head of Climate Financial Risk.


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UL Lusenn

UL Lusenn

Developing advanced mathematical models

The increase of available data is a challenge for classical mathematical models. Biology, physics, finance, economics and other social sciences are each affected in their own way. Lusenn promotes the formulation and the use of probabilities which have , over time, shown their effectiveness in all these areas.
In finance, stochastic models or local volatility models, have been developed since the mid-1990s. They help improve market analysis, capturing the effects of implied volatility, but they come up against the multi-scale properties of the data they process. Time series, for example, experience scale variations, and these variations make it more difficult to develop a model capable of reproducing multiple scale phenomena. One of the goals of Lusenn is to address these challenges by creating models that capture such complicated processes and make them applicable to pricing and hedging derivatives.

Green RWA

Green RWA

Supporting the green transition

The founders of the association believe that climate transition needs the support of the financial community, specifically banks, to fuel the massive investments OECD has identified in order to successfully achieve Net Zero Emissions in 2050. Tools such as ETS (Emission Trading Schemes) or CO2 tax could or will assist in the transition but banks have the capacity to finance the changes needed in the economy rapidly, at scale and consistently. As a result of climate change, banks are
also facing an increasing credit risk both from physical and regulatory risks and it will be their best interest to rebalance their portfolio towards green loans, achieving the financing goal de facto.

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