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At Iggaak, we combine our deep expertise to innovate in financial risk management and climate financial risk. Our approach merges advanced analysis and strategic innovation, guiding our clients to financial resilience and sustainability.
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Business Consulting

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Project strategy & governance
Summit (Finastra), ActivePivot (ActiveViam), Numerix OneView

Climate Finance

Climate Finance

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Collaborative Network

Partnerships are key to our success, expanding our offerings for you. See our partners below:
ActiveViam's logo to AV's website


Better decisions. Faster.

ActiveViam delvelops innovative data analytics solutions for the financial services industry

Logo from Ginini Antipode to GA's website

Ginini Antipode

Financial Department consultancy

Finance transformation projects impacting organizations, processes and tools, as well as in their day-to-day activities.

Green RWA's logo to GRWA's website

Green RWA

Non-profit Association

Accelerate the green transition by aiding banks to analyse/optimise climate risk capital budget through open collaboration

Logo from Hiram Finance to Hiram Finance's website

Hiram Finance

Market Finance Consultancy

Hiram Finance is a consulting firm specialising in financial markets which was founded in 1998.

Lusenn's logo to Lusenn's website


Advanced mathematical models

Promotes the formulation and the use of probabilities in finance via models applicable to pricing and hedging derivatives.

Phi Patners

Phi Patners

Technology Consulting

Vendor solutions (Summit, Sophis, Murex, Orchestrade, Front Arena, Adaptiv, and Active Pivot).


Anne Gruz

Managing Director and Founder

Anne was a rates trader for 11 years for global banks and corporates. She then led product and financial engineering teams for a fintech company for 13 years. Anne is now President of her own consultancy, Iggaak, with a focus on financial markets, risk management and climate finance. Anne holds a double engineering degree from the Ecole Polytechnique and from MINES ParisTech.


Sustainable minimalist Snowgoggles

Snow goggles (Inuktitut: ilgaak or iggaak, syllabics: ᐃᓪᒑᒃ or ᐃᒡᒑᒃ; Central Yupik: nigaugek, nigauget) are a type of eyewear traditionally used by the Inuit and the Yupik, formerly known as Eskimo, peoples of the Arctic to prevent snow blindness.
The goggles are traditionally made of driftwood (especially spruce), bone, walrus ivory, caribouantler, or in some cases seashore grass.

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