London, UK, September 21, 2020 – We are delighted to announce that Anne Gruz has joined Green RWA association as Head of Climate Financial Risk and member of the Executive Committee. Anne will be leading the financial streams, including the foundational climate risk model, that Green RWA is pursuing to help banks analyse their balance sheets risk against climate change.

Olivier Vinciguerra, chair Green RWA, said: ‘The regulators and banks are gearing-up very quickly to analyse their climate risk and Anne has an exceptional experience and network in financial risk and will give a huge boost to our analytical capacity and to deploy the Green RWA cause. I am thrilled to have Anne on our board.”

Anne Gruz said: “Financial actors need to pay greater attention to understanding, measuring and mitigating the impact of climate change and adapting to the new paradigm. In doing so, financial firms will play a key role in transforming the economy by providing risk-based pricing better aligned with climate-related goals. Green RWA is a great initiative that helps channel practitioners’ energy towards these goals and build resilience via new risk analytics. I am very pleased to join the Executive Committee and that ambitious cause.”

About Anne Gruz

Anne was a rates trader for 11 years for global banks and corporates. She then led product and financial engineering teams for a fintech company for 13 years. Anne is now President of her own consultancy, Iggaak, with a focus on financial markets and risk management. Iggaak are sustainable snow goggles used to reduce light reflection and to improve visual acuity, a reference to her dual Canadian and French citizenship and to her love for the Far North and for snow. Anne holds a double engineering degree from the Ecole Polytechnique and from MINES ParisTech.

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About Green RWA

Green RWA want to accelerate green transition by aiding banks to analyse/optimise climate risk capital budget through open collaboration.The founders of the association believe that climate transition needs the support of the financial community, specifically banks, to fuel the massive investments OECD has identified in order to successfully achieve Net Zero Emissions in 2050.

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