Iggaak delivers an interactive ESG training program to a consulting firm.


A well-established consulting firm specialized in market finance wants to develop its roadmap for sustainability and climate risk, identified as a high-growth sector in the context of the energy transition and its impacts. The consultancy wants also to make all its employees aware of CSR issues, to increase the culture of the teams and to awaken them even more to the associated risks and opportunities.


Not all team members have a shared understanding of ESG issues and of the impact they can have on their organization and on their customers. Furthermore it is challenging to prioritize ESG efforts alongside other business priorities.


We used a 3 steps methodology:

  • Mobilize
  • Deliver a training to build team members’ knowledge and understanding of key ESG topics
  • Build the action plan in interactive sessions

Business Impact

Ability to better engage on new projects in the ESG field, supporting customers:

  • to unlock opportunities for new businesses/products
  • to finance innovations, adaptation and mitigation plans
  • to navigate through their energy transition trajectory


Comprehensive map of ESG impacts on the different businesses addressed by the consulting firm and roadmap millestones.