Iggaak develops original climate risk  models and KPIs in order to integrate the impact on investment & funding decisions.

Relevant departments, within financial market players:

  • Investors
    • Asset managers
    • Asset owners
  • Lenders
  • Risk
  • Credit Analysts
  • Regulation
  • Compliance
  • ALM
  • Capital
  • Liquidity

Our expertise:

  • Interpretation & application of EU regulations & Taxonomy, CRR2/CRD V, CSRD, SFDR
  • Evaluation & transformation of business processes
  • Collection & reliability of information/data
  • Ad-hoc tool development
  • New KPIs/new statements

Our value:

We provide comprehensive consulting services for the financial sector, assessing new European obligations in terms of extra-financial reporting and support the implementation of ad-hoc climate risk projects.

Our delivery:

We support our clients to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment and funding decision-making, with a strong focus on climate risk.